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Allison Kortokrax graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She's been photographing professionally for over a decade and sees no sign of slowing. Allison grew up in a very music inspired household, but found her true artistic calling in the visual arts when she picked up the camera. She has a love of storytelling through photography, be it documenting her clients' personal life story or an invented one with her creative/editorial projects. She makes every effort she can to put her clients at ease to make sure they walk away with an enjoyable experience.

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Featured in:

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+ Wine Country Weddings Magazine 

+ Albook 

+ Love Toast Blog 

+ Engaged Wedding Blog 


+ Photo Vogue Italia 

+ Snapknot 

+ Bayside Bride 

+ Blur Magazine

+ Kirameki Magazine + devour magazine + Dark Beauty Magazine (Issue 15, Pages 34-43)

+ Like Magazine (Issue 4, Page 42-47) + Cover for Heavy Feather Review (Issue 2)

+ Cliche Magazine (Feb/March 2013 Issue Pages 38-47) + Cliche Magazine (April/May 2013 Issue Page 90-93) 

+ Fashion Faces Magazine (2013 March Issue)

+ Lucy's Vol. 5

+ announced Korto as One of "Five Photographers You Should Pay Attention to"

+ named Korto as One of "12 Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago"

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